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Raz Kasiri, DDS


Raz Kasiri, DDS
2138 Garnet Ave.

San Diego, CA 92109

A smile is a usual expression that denotes the feeling of happiness. Here in the dental clinic of Dr. Reza Kasisri, DDS, we are all about happiness, and that is why we work hard to take care of the smiles in San Diego, California at the most affordable price. We do not only aim to give you the best smile, we aim for the healthy, good appearance and best function of your teeth and gums with affordable dentistry. When you have all these, your smile will truly be best. Each orthodontist here in San Diego uses new technology in providing out dental care services. In this way, we are able to give you optimum results for the health of your teeth. We help you brighten the day with just a flash of those pearly white teeth and our affordable offers.

Our dental office has combined art of dentistry with the latest and the best in dental technology to give you a sparkling smile. Aside from our excellent general dentistry and regular dental check-ups and cleaning services with our licensed dentist, we provide specialized services including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and emergency services so you can have that perfectly healthy smile.

Reza Kasiri is your resident orthodontist here in San Diego, California. He has been practicing orthodontics for quite some time, providing proper treatment and care to numerous patients across the locality. He is known to expertly treat tooth irregularities as well as deal with the control and modification of facial growths. Many patients have been satisfied with the professional and caring way he provides his services. Many are happy to have sought his services as a professional dentist because of his skill as well as dedication in providing the best dental services in San Diego.

For all the dental services we provide, we use top-quality, high-technology equipment. This way, we make our patients more comfortable, and diagnosis and treatment is efficient and accurate at prices so cheap. Visit an orthodontist in San Diego now and get the best dental care and treatments. Our high-tech San Diego dental clinics together with our skills will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Smile a healthy smile and brighten everyone’s day!