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N. Desai, DMD

  • Ashley first came in into our office complaining of two teeth that was giving her pain. After we treated both teeth with root canals, we proceeded to take care of her other cavities with composite restoration and had her 3rd molars removed. We recommended her to do Invisalign instead of traditional braces to close several gaps. She was in treatment for 14 months and we also filled in the chipped tooth she had on her front teeth. She is currently on retainers and her smile is looking great.
  • Robert has been a patient of our for 6 years. After we treated his tartar with SRP and did numerous fillings and crowns, he chipped his two front teeth. We did the four front teeth with natural looking crowns using CAPTEK crowns. Now he has a smile that goes well with his cheerful personality and still come in for regular checkups.
  • Diane is a patient that we had seen for many years. She had several decayed teeth and had gingivitis. After we treated all of her problem teeth and removed all the tartar, she wanted to have more confidence in her smile. We placed 6 veneers that made her smile more even and permanently whiter. She now has a more confident smile and still comes in for regular cleanings.
  • Adelina has been a patient of our for many years. Her husband and daughter also come in for regular cleanings. She was unhappy with her color and spaces of her teeth. We did a total smile make over on Adelina. We placed several Lumineers on her top teeth and did bleaching on her bottom teeth and what a difference it made! Now she has a beautiful smile she can be proud of. She now comes in for regular cleanings to maintain that gorgeous smile for many years to come.
  • Linda - It is with great pleasure that I share my testimonial regarding Dr. Desai. Both my husband and I have received excellent dental care over the past several years with Dr. Desai. He is warm and friendly, as are his staff, taking great care to have his patients receive gentile, competent and professional dental care. This past year has been an especially pleasant journey for me in the quest for a “confident smile”. Following Dr. Desai’s professional advice, I began using Invisalign technology. The entire process involved a minimum of discomfort and compliance was easy. I am grateful to Dr. Desai for recommending this protocol, as well as helping me achieve very satisfying results. He continues to earn my trust and respect for the quality dental care that he provides.
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Desai since the 1990's, and will remain so because he is a caring dental professional whose artistry is reflected in his work. My satisfaction is not limited to him but extends through his entire staff who shares the same qualities.